Monday, January 25, 2010


1) Laptop bag
P: It is light weight, portable, and it is comfortable to carry.
I: I must make sure that nothing damages it, otherwise
E: It is expensive and I could not lose it.
S: N.I.L

2) Compass
P: It is small, light, easy to carry, and it is waterproof.
I: I can use it to find my way home when I am lost.
E: It was used by my grandfather during the war.
S: It helps bond with my grandfather.

3) MRT Station
P: It is clean, safe, and it is crowded.
I: I can board the MRT to reach home or to visit my friends.
E: N.I.L
S: I can meet up with my friends and my family.

4) Watching a movie
P: It is entertaining, it has a wide screen, and it has a surround sound.
I: I can widen my imagination.
E: It can touch viewers.
S: I can hang out with my family and friends.

Preston Ngoui

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