Monday, November 1, 2010

Reflection of Year 2010 in ADMT

For this whole year, ADMT has allowed me to realize that by using art, design, media, and technology, we are able solve any kind of problem, that is with innovation of course.
From semester 1's environmental problem, we had to work in groups to solve an environmental problem and come up with a practical solution. From that, I had learnt that there will always be more creative ways to persuade the public to save the environment, and that teamwork is important.
Also, there was the animation workshop that we attended. From this workshop, i have gained a new skill of how to create animations, and the importance of certain aspects that make an animation look great. With this skill, I have more freedom to choose what kind of solution I would like to create for a certain problem.
Lastly, there was the Elderly Challenge project. This project tests whatever we have learnt about design, technology, and user friendliness. I feel that overall I did average, so I could improve on next year's result by being more creative in my handouts, and taking the initiative to improve things that I have done.